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On this website on the basis of our research work, we declare that Nikola Tesla’s biggest secret was his knowledge and application of Ancient Sciences. Nikola Tesla was using the ancient scientific principles as a base upon which he applied our modern sciences.





To elaborate further:-
A blunder was committed while writing our recorded history and it was a blunder that has cost our sciences heavily.
The popular perception that the growth of human civilization has been linear throughout history is now turning out to be incorrect, on the basis of recent archaeological discoveries it can safely be said that the development of human civilization has not been linear but circular in nature, meaning thereby that there was an advanced human civilization that existed before us. There are more than seventeen cultures from around the globe spread across almost every continent around the world that talk about huge floods that came and wiped off an entire human civilization. Around 1700-1800 when our present day recorded history was being written, these flood myths were completely ignored by the historians for the simple reason that back then, they had no technology to go deep into the oceans to check the veracity of these flood myths. 
Now that we have the technology to scan the deep ocean floors the truth is coming out by itself. There is irrefutable evidence of an advanced human civilization that existed before the last Ice Age and this civilization drowned in the floods that were caused as the Ice caps melted at the end of the last Ice Age.
It is this very mistake in the present day recorded history that is costing our sciences very heavily, because the survivors of the floods at the end of the last ice age; as would be the case in any such catastrophic scenarios; passed down the scientific knowledge of their advanced civilization to us in the form of our ancient texts and encryptions on the walls of the ancient monuments. It is this scientific knowledge that Nikola Tesla was drawing heavily from both by independently rediscovering the principles of nature that were discovered by the scientists of this ancient civilization thousands of years ago and also by his dabbling into various religions and religious men like Swami Vivekananda. In these ancient religious texts and from his meeting with people like Swami Vivekananda he discovered a lost thousands of years old branch of sciences that systematically explored the natural principles that Nikola Tesla had himself been observing and discovering all his life. For more information and references on this lost civilization and its sciences please click here.

"Nikola Tesla was not a man from the future.....
          He was a man using our Ancient past to create            the future"

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The theory of gravity by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi is the missing link to the Dynamic Theory of Gravity by Mr Nikola Tesla. While the Maharishi explains the same thing using terminology of Ancient Sciences, Nikola Tesla with his Dynamic Theory of Gravity was explaining it with the help of modern sciences.

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