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In order to understand this quote in details with all the proofs and references please click on this link Ancient Sciences However, i will give you a brief idea about what these non-physical branch of sciences are. There is a slight distortion in our human history as we understand our past today, according to our present day academic version of history of human civilization, the human civilization does not go back more than 5000 years, as far as our present day academic version of human history goes. This period of 5000 years from which the beginning of human civilization is counted is the time around which the Indus Valley Civilization and the Egyptian civilization came into existence. However, around the 18th and 19th Century when   our present day academic version of History was being written our 18th Century scholars very conveniently avoided the stories about these huge floods that had supposedly drowned an entire civilization at the end of the last Ice Age, when the Ice Caps melted at the end of the last Ice Age. An entire human civilization drowned as a consequence of the melting of these Ice Caps. The reason for ignoring these flood myths which are recorded in the mythology of more than 5 Ancient Civilizations from around the world is that back in 18 and 19th century when our present day version of human history was being written, our gramophone listening scholars did not have the technology to go say a 100 feet into the sea water and check the veracity of these flood myths. And today when with our modern technologies we can finally scan the floors of the oceans, we are finding many lost cities deep inside the ocean on the ocean floor, like the recent discovery of the Lost City Of Dwarka in India and various such submerged cities that are being discovered around the world, thereby verifying the veracity of these flood myths recorded by various civilizations around the world.

The fact of the matter is there was indeed a human civilization that existed before the last ice Age, the branch of sciences followed by that civilization was the non-physical branch of sciences being talked  about by Mr Nikola Tesla. For more information please click on the link given in the paragraph above.

In addition to the book ":Devolution Cycles" by Richard Vooght if you want to get more information about these Ancient Sciences, you can go to and you can search for the video, "Ancient Knowledge Part-1 Consciousness" this is a series of 8-9 videos. The video is by a Youtube channel called Whitesxican. I am going to spell it out WHITESXICAN you can see it written on your screen. This is a series of 8-9 videos. These videos give more information about these Ancient Sciences. So you have the book by Mr Richard Vooghat, you have this video on youtube and then Vedanta Philosophy (Vedanta Sciences) by Swami Vivekanand which Mr Tesla was directly benefitting from besides videos by Mr Gregg Braden and Dr Steven Greer. If you want to delve into these Ancient Sciences, these are the sources that i am presently aware of and that we can delve into in order to get more information about these Ancient Sciences.  

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So what is this chore of the Universe from which Mr Nikola Tesla is saying that he obtains all his knowledge. What is this Central Knowledge Database that Mr Nikola Tesla is talking about. It is not only Mr Nikola Tesla who talks about this Central Database of knowledge in the Universe, something similar was also discussed by Mr Edgar Casey. Another great humanitarian who lived around the same time as Mr Nikola Tesla, in fact Mr Edgar Casey's commentary on this Central Knowledge Database has been published in the form of a book called the "Akashic Records", the Akashic records is a term used by Mr Edgar Cayce to refer to the refer to the Central knowledge database of the Universe. The term "Akashic" comes from the Hindi word "Akash" which means sky so the term Akashic Records means the records stored in the skies. For those of you who do not know about Mr Edgar Cayce, Mr Edgar Cayce was an American mystic who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation, wars and future events while in his sleep in a  state of trance. He always provided his services free of charge and was a great humanitarian who could not say no to helping people. In fact he died due to over exertion when around an economic crisis too many people wanted sessions with him free of charge which took a toll over his body. So you can see these two great humanitarians who lived around the same time are talking about the same central knowledge database of the Universe from where all knowledge is derived and a book has been written on the commentaries made by Mr Edgar Cayce on the subject of this central knowledge database called the Akashic Records (There are several books available on the subject).




so what exactly does Mr Tesla mean by Universal Enlightenment over here. Because of his dabbling into the Ancient Sciences, which is also referred to as Spirituality, Mr Tesla knew it is actually Spirituality that is the lost branch of Ancient Sciences that still survives with us. MrTesla knew about one of the biggest messages that all our religions have been trying to give us since centuries. Now we will have to go a bit into the background of what we mean by Enlightenment, in order to understand this quote.

Now if you have a close look at the pictures of various Gods from across different religions, what is the one thing that is common in all the pictures, it is the Divine White Light that is depicted behind the heads of all Gods. This Divine White Light is common thread that runs across all the religions, and that is where the word "EnLIGHTENED" comes from, it means the one who knows the Devine White Light. This same Divine White Light is worshiped by Christians as Yeshua, which means Point of Light, by Muslims as Allah Ka Noor or the light of God, by Hindus as Jyotir Linga or Niakaar Paar Brahm Parmeshwar, or the Formless One, in Ancient Egyot this Divine White Light was worshiped as Aten and the same Divine White Light is worshiped in Sikhism as Akaal Murat, the Sikh religious text Gurbani has one of the longest chapters discussing this Divine White Light. And in Yoga, it is considered to be the greatest fruit of Yoga if in a state of Meditation you are able to see this Divine White LIght when your 7th or the Highest Chakra is activated. So what Mr Tesla is trying to say here in this quote therefore, is that once we humans realize that this Divine White Light is the reality, that this Divine White Light is the common thread that runs across all the religions forms the chore of human existence and thus all humans become Enlightened, there shall be peace on this planet. 



so what does Mr Nikola Tesla mean by this, here's a Scientific Explanation (from the point of view of Ancient Sciences) with equation to explain this quote by Mr Nikola Tesla. Matter is a gross form of Energy. The Energy inherent in Matter can be liberated, but still it will not be the final product. Inherent in Energy is Consciousness. The difference between these three states is only the Vibrational rate (Velocity) and Density of Energy. At the Highest and most Subtle level of Vibration, Energy manifests as pure Consciousness. As the rate of vibration decreases, it appears to be pure energy, and finally it solidifies into matter. In the reverse order, matter can be transformed into Energy, and Energy into Consciousness. Experience the inherent energy in matter and mind so that Consciousness manifests MC2 x V12 x d22 = MC2 x V22 x d12 = P(eace) where M is Matter, V is Velocity and D is Density “Matter is crystallized Light. Life is Light in Motion. Mind is Light that perceives, yet Consciousness is the Supreme Light Beyond and Behind ALL. Now, you can see the equation, all of this that i have just mentioned to explain this quote by Mr Nikola Tesla, is written on your screens over here, You can also see the equation that has been given in order to explain this quote

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